Meet the cast of Cabaret Supper Club

Trixi Firecracker

Burlesque Artist

How old are you?


How long have you been performing?

Training in various types of dance from the age of 4, competing until 14, theatre shows until 16, began dancing in variety shows, been at the supper club for about 4 years but didn’t try true burlesque (tassels) until last year. 

What made you try it?

I felt more and more confident the more I was on stage in Cabaret. The audiences, especially supportive female audiences empower us to do what we do. 

What do you do when you’re not performing?

I’m studying Law at Ulster University during the week and mostly making costumes. 

How did you feel the first time you stepped onto the Cabaret stage?

Extremely nervous, we did a can-can routine and it was exhausting. The curtains closed on us in our final position – the splits – and we all collapsed and lay on stage for a while laughing. 

What about the first time you performed on stage?

Too early to recall but I think it was a ballet recital at the age of 5 where I just wanted to be pretty and twirl around. I think there are videos somewhere. 

What’s the secret of being successful at this?

A lot of rehearsal but mainly being excited about what you do. If you love your routine you have a lot of fun performing it and I think that reads to the audience. It’s also important to have a strong team of performers and producers that all love each other very much. 

Whats your favourite thing that has ever happened on stage?

I love when we’re all feeling a little mischievous at work. Over Christmas, we had a lot of shows and it got really tiring so we play pranks and try to make each other laugh and shake things up. Bobby and I were dancing a rather serious waltz to Cherries’ ‘Once upon a December;, and we both took a fit of giggles. These giggles weren’t helped by cast and crew making faces and miming “Bohemian Rhapsody” style with torches etc in the wings. I was laughing so hard that I cried, but the audience were up for the craic that day and found it funny – especially when Cherrie called us out on it! 

What really goes on back stage?

Oh dear maybe not. It’s really really not as glamorous as we would like to say it is! I’d say it’s the polar opposite of what the audience sees on stage. A lot of nudity, bad dancing and bad jokes. We have a lot of fun backstage, it makes it less like going to work every weekend, we’re just a group of friends messing around who then perform. 

Tell us about your current routine or new routines you’re working on.

My new routine will be channelling 80s power suit vibes, teamed with poison and some sass. Basically I’m going to mourn the husband I’ve accidently poisoned but let’s keep it at that. 

Who is your favourite Cabaret performer & why?

I’m a huge fan of Gypsy Rose Lee, as the cabaret cast will tell you because I didn’t shut up about her for a good 6 weeks the first time I saw Gypsy!

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