Meet the cast of Cabaret Supper Club

Bobby Bordeaux

Dancer and Burlesque Artist

How old are you?


Ive been dancing in the club scene all around the North and South of Ireland for close to 10 years now but im still very
new to Burlesque as I just started performing in Cabaret from September of 2016.

Ive always wanted to be a dancer from I was very little. I started off Irish dancing from the age of 8 and stopped after
a few years as i wanted to broaden my dance vocabulary. I then enrolled into dance college at 17 in the Belfast Metropolitan College where I had the opportunity to study Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Physical Theatre, Dance Improvisation and Choreography
Studies. From then I started working in Nightclubs as a dancer and entertainer and have been working steadily for 10 years. What made me start Burlesque?? Well… Ross (The Voice Bear) approached me in a club I dance in and asked me if would be interested
in dancing in Caberet and Ive always wanted to be a part of Cabaret Supper Club as I think its a great platform for any kind of performer. I then had a meeting with him and he asked “So how do you feel about taking your clothes off?” I hesitated as ive never
thought it would be something I could do confidently. After watching some videos and watching the performers in Cabaret I instantly fell in love with the art of Burlesque and the artistry and creativity that comes along with it. from then on I started working
on my first routine and im excited to see how my character and stage persona develops each time I walk onto the stage.

When Im not performing Im very interested in martial arts and running. I go running 4 times a week and I have a green belt with
a blue tag in Tae Kwon Do.

The first ever time I walked onto the Cabaret stage last year I was simply terrified haha but very excited at the same
time. I didnt know what to expect or how the audience would react to my performance, as ive said before ive never performed Burlesque and performing in such a well established place I wanted to do it justice. as soon as i took the first steps onto the stage
my nerves and reservations disappeared and I had such fun with the crowd. I feel in love with burlesque even more and I can honestly say i feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to perform alongside such talented and seasoned Burlesque performers. I love
my job haha

The first time Ive ever performed on stage as a dancer It was in the Grand opera house for a charity event. I was performing
the lead role an Irish dance group. We just came back from the 2002 World irish dance championships. I was in the Junior team, we came third and our senior team who were also performing at the event came first. I remember how nervous I was but it was a fantastic
evening and still to this day one of my proudest moments in my dance career.

I think the secret to being successful at this is to not take yourself too seriously. You have to love what you do. Its
maybe a bit cliche but if you’re having a good time on stage then the audience will have a good time with you.

My favourite thing that has ever happened on stage is probably last year when I got the opportunity to showcase my own
choreography with two other dancers at an event for Belfast Gay Pride.

Backstage in Cabaret. There is a lot of nakedness and all round great craic. You never know what to expect. I love the
diversity of personalities and performers. Were all so different in our own right yet we gel so well together. It keeps things interesting. Without to sound cheesy but its like a second family. Everyone is there for each other and helps each other out, whether
its costume issues or personal. In the short space of time ive been here ive very quickly grown to love everyone. I feel blessed to be taken in with open arms and given advice on the art of Burlesque.

My current routine is so far my first and only one. Its a kind of surprise routine in the middle of the show. Its fast
paced filled with alot of dancing.

For my next routine im taking inspiration from bond movies. Its still in the early process of choreography but im challenging
myself more with this one. Its going to be quite physically demanding as i want to incorporate some acrobatics and take inspiration from my martial art background but im excited for the challenge

My stage personality as im still quite new is still growing but on stage Im very cheeky and flirty. I like to play about
with gender roles so My dance and performance style is very much a fusion of masculine and feminine qualities. I can both be very camp and funny to being serious and dark. Im really excited to see how my character develops. Id like to take inspirations from
my favourite music genre which is Metal and Rock and Roll. Also like taking inspirations from different martial arts as I feel martial art movements can be very similar to dancing.

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