Meet the cast of Cabaret Supper Club

Cherrie Ontop

Host & Performer
How old are you?

How very dare you? You never ask a ‘Lady’ her age! i am an ageless beauty!

How long have you been performing?

Even when i was just a bun in the oven, I was doing full scale broadway tap routines! Poor Mummy Ontop!

What made you try it?

I was born to perform, I’m not very good at anything else!

What do you do when you’re not performing?

I am a mother to a four legged baby girl called Lola, we are in rehearsals everyday, getting ready for her to make a debut on the Cabaret Stage. Toto, I have a feeling we a’int in Kansas anymore!

How did you feel the first time you stepped on to the Cabaret stage?

You know that scene in the lion king when Mufasa shows Samba the pride lands? Well, it felt noting like that but I definitely felt at home!

What about the first time you performed on stage?

I played the ‘Bright Star’ in my Primary 1 School Nativity, even my teachers knew i was meant to be a star!

What’s the secret of being successful at this?

I will never tell my secrets, but one thing i have realised that is important is to be really fabulous, surround yourself with nice people and nice things and most importantly be really good craic!

Whats your favourite thing that has ever happened on stage?

I have a few! I had bought my self a gorgeous pair of thigh high platform stilettos. During one of my numbers i did a ‘high’ kick and got one heel caught at the top of the other boot and face planted the stage in front of a sell-out crowd!

Another time,  was on stage with Trixie and Bobby doing a beautiful number but we had all taken a real fit of the giggles before hand, it was really fun to try and keep our composure but inside be wetting ourselves!

I’ve also had 3 engagements happen over the years while i have been on stage! I love to celebrate Love!

What really goes on back stage?

Well, after the show we lounge about by the pool, I am not the best swimmer, but I love our jacuzzi! We have buff butlers that serve us copious amounts of cocktails.

Tell us about your current routine or new routines you’re working on.

I am currently learning the Piano, so coming soon I will be singing and playing!

Who is your favourite Cabaret performer & why?

Other than myself!? Bette Midler, a woman who broke all the rules conventions. The voice of an angel that can make you laugh and cry and a sharp tongue that could also make you laugh and cry.

You have herd of the icing on the cake, well brace yourself cause you are about to meet the Cherry On Top! Boys beware approach with caution!

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