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Ah the 70’s, a time of free love, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. In the humming streets of London, a new band has been formed, known only as the Manic Pilgrims, where Ron and Tommy Bolger are the stars. Together they have taken London by the short and curlies and are on the long, hard road to rock’n’roll success. They have played the Roundhouse to the Olympic and their fan base is growing, quicker than anyone could have ever imagined. Alas, there is a dark side of fame. Their manager has grown weary of Ron’s ways and is on the verge on losing a fortune. Tommy has also grown tired of Ron’s reckless ways, as he never turns up for rehearsals and has arrived drunk for countless concerts, thus being unable to perform. Tonight, the Manic Pilgrims are to perform in the Star Light Room’s in London’s west end and all eyes are on Ron. He has arrived once again drunk and twisted thanks to drugs he takes. Tommy has already had words with him and their manager is nowhere to be seen. With threats flying high, murder is the tune of the night. Dress to rock out and see if you can solve a case like no other.

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