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Lieutenant Columbo is on vacation and is intending to sun himself on the beaches of Malibu, for every detective needs a break…but murder takes no holiday. Columbo finds himself eating alone in a restaurant known as the Pink Flamingo as Mrs. Columbo finds herself stricken down with a migraine. All is going well but wherever Columbo ventures, chaos is sure to follow. Columbo being the perfect gentleman notices a young lady sitting alone and so decides to accompany her. It is soon unveiled that this woman, is none other than the infamous murder mystery novelist, Samantha Taylor. Almost immediately she admits that she is in grave danger. For Samantha has gotten herself mixed up, in more than one form of trouble. From obsessive ex-lovers, meddlesome fans and intimidating drug dealers, Samantha Taylor is the bullseye target. Dress to impress, pour yourself an exotic cocktail and see if you can aid L.A’s infamous Lieutenant Columbo solve a case for the books.

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