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Perfecting Dame Shirley’s persona and mannerisms in a subtle realistic way. Paula is not merely a tribute artiste but more a vocal, visual impersonator. Perfecting Dame Shirley’s persona and mannerisms in a subtle realistic way. Effortlessly connecting with her audience no matter what the size of auditorium, corporate event or private party. Possessing a natural ability to hold her audience from the moment she steps onto the stage. Paula has gained the reputation as an extremely gifted performer with meticulous attention to detail in capturing Bassey’s persona, powerful yet subtle vocal intonation and timing. Paula’s voice is definitely her forte along with her glamorous exact replica costumes created by her ‘couture dressmaker’. Gowns encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and her coats edged with Ostrich Feather. Nothing but the best for Dame Shirley Bassey! Paula’s research and pedantic perfectionism in every area of entertainment, right down to her concert musical arrangements in both her 10 piece orchestra charts and backing tracks are identical to Bassey’s live concert performances.

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