When do classes take place?2018-05-09T12:54:06+00:00

Classes take place on Friday and Saturdays. Classes can be booked at 12:30pm which runs to 3:00pm and 2:30pm which runs to 4:00pm.

How long do classes last?2018-05-09T12:51:48+00:00

Classes last 90 minutes.

What are the minimum/maximum party sizes?2018-05-08T11:55:03+00:00

Our parties are designed to accommodate up to 20 guests. We do require a minimum of 8 attendees in order to run a class.

What happens during a class?2018-05-07T16:17:08+00:00

Before we begin there is a short warm-up which includes the dance moves needed for the mini routine. There will be a short break, group photo then we will work on a little routine. There is also some special spaced reserved in the for the bride to shine.

Will there be a bar available?2018-05-07T16:01:12+00:00

Cabaret Supper Club’s bar will be available throughout your class, we encourage our guests to have fun but we also advise on drinking responsibly!

What does one wear when attending a class?2018-05-07T15:58:29+00:00

Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing as we will be engaging in warm-up activities and some dancing. This can still be a little glam if you like, or even a bit of lipstick can transform and make you feel more like a burlesque starlet!

Will there be nudity?2018-05-07T15:54:34+00:00

Although burlesque does involve reveals and clothing removal our class focuses on the use of gloves and feather boas to practice the art of the tease.

Are your classes private?2018-05-07T15:52:06+00:00

You and your guest will be the attendees at the class. We will have a Cabaret Butler there to serve you throughout the class and the instructor of the day.

Am I permitted to take photos?2018-05-07T15:49:28+00:00

Of course, you may take pictures, photography is encouraged! There will be a specific time in the class where the teacher will take a group photo as well.

Do I need to bring anything along?2018-05-07T15:46:56+00:00

Please bring gloves to use in the class, you may also bring heels to change into if you wish.

Do we need to eat during the show?2017-02-03T12:28:28+00:00

By nature we are an authentic supper club, you must dine when booking an evening with Cabaret Supperclub, we strongly advise booking in advance. Please let us know if you any dietary requirements or intolerances. All packages involve at least a main course meal with show.

What is the door policy?2017-02-03T12:26:57+00:00

The venue will admit a limited number of stag and hen parties per show. However, this is subject to management approval prior to booking. Potential parties wishing to attend must email us on address below before booking. You will not be admitted without prior approval. Traditional hen/stag fancy dress is strictly not permitted (no sashes, L-plates etc). Please email us if you have any questions.

Can I arrive late to Dinner?2017-02-02T13:56:44+00:00

We’d would appreciated if you didn’t. When booking your table you may request the time at which you dine, dinner can be ordered up to 9:30pm.

Will we have to share a table?2017-02-02T13:48:55+00:00

Yes. Sometimes table may be shared with other parties in true cabaret style.

What happens after the show?2017-01-12T21:44:27+00:00

That’s when the post-show party starts. Depending on the evening, post-show entertainment may be live music, or a DJ so you can dance the night away.

Do you keep the table all night?2017-01-12T21:43:18+00:00

Tables are reserved for you all evening.

Are large groups allowed?2017-01-12T21:46:53+00:00

Large groups are both allowed and encouraged! Cabaret Supper Club is able to accommodate large groups.

What time is Dinner & Show?2017-02-02T13:58:32+00:00

When booking your table you will be able to choose when you eat, tables are available from 6.30pm. An introductory performer will be live from 8:00pm. Our main show usually starts around 9:30pm or 10:00pm.

Do you eat during the show?2017-01-12T21:40:41+00:00

Dinner is served in the during the show in full view of the stage. If you have prepaid then your meal will not be added to your final bill, however, if you have paid a deposit only this will be deducted from your bill at the end of the evening.

What is the dress code?2017-01-12T21:39:31+00:00

Your glamorous best.