Meet the cast of Cabaret Supper Club

Mimi DuBois

Burlesque Artist
How old are you?

A lady never tells, though Mimi officially has cougar status!

How long have you been performing?

Mimi entered the world performing! Mimi was born to her juvenile parents in the Arctic tundra while they were escaping small town living in remote Alaska. Her father Claude recalls how the breach Mimi entered this world pointing her toes. Being too young and knowing she was destined for stardom the pair left Baby Mimi on the stairs of The Little Orphan Annie Children’s Home in Brooklyn

What made you try it?

After falling on hard times due to a gambling addiction Mimi discovered she had a particular set of skills ideal for burlesque. These include being prolific in glove removal and a “come hither” stare.

What do you do when you’re not performing?


How did you feel the first time you stepped on to the Cabaret stage?

Hung over. After just returning from a 247 day cruise aboard a middle eastern sheikh’s yacht Mimi got the call she had been waiting for to join the Cabaret Supper Club cast

What about the first time you performed on stage?

The first time on stage was amazing, the audience reaction was overwhelming. Of course it wasn’t so much a stage as a box Mimi had set up on Bourbon Street and the audience was mostly made up of New Orleans police officers. But boy, what an encore they enjoyed down at the station!

What’s the secret of being successful at this?

Charm, sequins and gin (as found in the Mimi DuBois cocktail, try it!)

Whats your favourite thing that has ever happened on stage?

Mimi is yet to pop a pastie (the disappointment of a nipple finding its way to freedom after ones adhesive of choice fails) on stage, that’s always a good moment

What really goes on back stage?

Oh darling, do you think Mimi actually mingles? Being older then dust Mimi has earned the right to her own utopia backstage. This sacred space, which doesn’t smell like toilet one bit, is a space where Mimi likes to disrobe, pop her hip back into place and relax in peace and quiet.

Mimi’s routines much like her clinical diagnosis can be compared to that of a lucky bag, you never quite know what you’re going to get. While a classic girl at heart Mimi does enjoy dipping her tatas every now and then into something a bit more sultry

Who is your favourite Cabaret performer & why?

Sally Rand, not only was this little beauty a pioneer in burlesque, back in the 30’s Mimi and Sally once shared a jail cell

Mimi’s look has often been described as though she’s keeping a secret and she likes it that way. Mimi enjoys keeping an air of discretion about her, keeps the audience guessing and intrigued. “Is she a natural brunette?” “Is her bum real?” “Is she self medicating?” Giving too much of the game away spoils the illusion.

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