Ross Anderson-Doherty
Ross Anderson-Doherty Creative Director / Performer / Drag Ride in Residence
Ross has been interested in the joys of cabaret since they were an undergrad twenty-something years ago. Since then, they have spent the past couple of decades making cabaret worldwide, specifically in The Cabaret Supperclub, Belfast. Giving folks something to think about and ensuring they have their best night out in years motivates Ross to keep creating and growing as an artist. They’re so grateful to have a unique home at Cabaret Supperclub and the most talented team of people in the land with whom to collaborate, even if they’d never tell them that to their faces.
Mira Rendilheiro
Mira RendilheiroDancer - Choreograoher - Associate Director
Growing up in South Africa, Mira loved and trained in many forms of dance, from Latin and ballroom to ballet and contemporary. She eventually graduated from the prestigious University of Cape Town with a BA(Hons) in dance.
She has since performed for many amazing companies around the world, including: Rugby World Cup (South Africa), Indian Premier League (India), Frenchwoods, New York (USA), Siblu Resorts (France), and Showman Tour (Netherlands).
Since making Belfast her home, Mira has assumed the position of Associate Director of the Cabaret Supperclub, which means, as well as getting to tell everyone what to do, she gets to work with some of the most creative artists she’s ever met. As a performer, she loves to employ all the skills from ballet and jazz to Las Vegas Latin numbers to keep the energy pumping and the craic ninety. Never one to take a quiet moment, she founded her dance company, which provides entertainment for public and private events and encourages continuing professional development in the Belfast dance scene. That’s the energy she has in day-to-day life; imagine the power she has on stage…
Dick Von Dyke
Dick Von DykeHost and Drag King
A multi-award-winning comedian, Dick von Dyke is the Drag Daddy of the North and is Northern Ireland’s premier drag King entertainer. D.V.D has evolved at his home from home on the Cabaret Stage. Whether it’s taking pics with Dick (or Dick Pics), or dancing and lip-syncing along with his iconic performances, every audience is 78% cooler for having seen Dick. Drag kings are just cooler, and Dick is the coolest… and the hottest!
David Doherty-Jebb
David Doherty-JebbHost
Back in the dark ages of the 80s, David developed a love of making people laugh. Admittedly, these early forays into comedy were mostly acting the lig in front of the living room fireplace.
However, years later, he eventually found himself telling jokes on real stages on the Belfast comedy scene, which led to his joining the Cabaret Supperclub family as one of the hosts.
David’s favourite aspects of cabaret are meeting the wide variety of people who come to celebrate their special events watching our show and sharing the stage with some of the most passionate artists in the country.
Kerri Qinn
Kerri QinnSinger and Cabaret Diva
Kerri Quinn is the longest-serving member of the Cabaret cast, still dazzling audiences with her wit, warmth and powerful, soulful voice. So powerful is her voice that one reviewer claimed, ‘That girl must have an amp in her tooth’. She can neither confirm nor deny this. When not surprising Cabaret audiences with her flawless floorwork, she is frequently in our living rooms in shows such as Coronation Street, Derry Girls and as Marlene in Hope Street. Ross likes to remind everyone that her most creatively successful role to date has been that of Nasty Pasty Bap in GBL’s Waterfront Panto, 2015
Rosie Barry
Rosie BarrySinger and Cabaret Diva
Rosie Barry is a singer and actor who’s been working for over ten years. Some will know her as Pablo’s mum from the TV show Pablo or, recently, from Blue Lights. You might also know her if you’re a fan of frequenting theatres such as The Lyric or The MAC. She’s also a third of the Andrews sisters-inspired vocal harmony group The Swingtime Starlets, who perform all over the island of Ireland. It’s in Cabaret, though, that Rosie’s inner diva is released, and she can put her magnificent voice into full tilt, bringing audiences along with her breathtaking ballads and banging 00s pop classics. She considers it her life’s work to ensure every audience has an absolute blast.
Philippa O’Hara
Philippa O’HaraSinger and Cabaret Diva
Belfast’s Philippa O’Hara is a hugely sought-after singer and actor. She has been lucky enough to tour Ireland, China, Norway and America with various theatre shows five times. Some of you will know her from her work with Lush! Classical and Cream Classical, where she performs in huge venues with symphony orchestras in front of up to 18,000 people, videos of which have garnered over 8 million views on YouTube. She performs regularly with her sister as the O’Hara Sisters at prestigious events in the U.K. and Ireland, including The Players’ Dinner at The Open 2019 and highly exclusive, bespoke events at The Tate Modern, London. Her recent theatre credits include The Vanishing Elephant at New Victory Theatre New York, Secrets Of Space USA tour, and Cinderella at The Mac. When home in Belfast, she loves performing at The Cabaret Supperclub and is proud to be part of the Cabaret family!
Onya Becks
Onya BecksDrag Queen
Onya Becks is Ireland’s very own showgirl extravaganza. She is the Mistress of Glamour and has travelled up and down the country with her shows for over twelve years. She takes inspiration from pop icons such as Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and Disney’s entire catalogue. A born Cabaret Queen, let her wow you with her spectacular costumes and dazzling numbers.
Rita Peach
Rita PeachBurlesque Artist
Rita Peach is Derry’s premier burlesque performer. She is the director of the Maiden City Tease, which brings the UK and Ireland’s best burlesque to Derry and, more recently, Belfast. As a performer, she combines elegant beauty with boundless energy to create acts as visually stunning as risqué. As a member of the cabaret cast, Ms Peach’s powers have grown. When will she become too powerful? No one knows, but we’re all excited to find out.
Trixi Firecracker
Trixi FirecrackerBurlesque Artist
Growing up in The International House of Glitter and being the mother of The Haus of Firecracker means Trixi is not only one of Belfast’s OG burlesque talents but also a gifted hair and makeup artist working in film and television. Ms Firecracker has mastered the art of being resplendent at the beginning and the end of the tease and delights in sharing her skills with audiences at Cabaret Supperclub. The audience seems to be as delighted as she is with this arrangement.
Lil Em
Lil Em Dancer
Professionally trained and a pint-sized pocket rocket, a dancer, prancer and total chancer, Lil Em has trodden many stages in far-flung places and as a regular performer of the Belfast cabaret scene. She can also be found whirling and burling in many dance and circus collectives in NI and beyond. Cabaret Supperclub has been the birthplace of almost all of Lil Em’s radical romps and continues to house the development of many more.
Lola Rose
Lola RoseBurlesque Artist
Lola Rose trained in dance and musical theatre in London and toured the UK and Ireland as a dancer and singer for many years. Since settling in Belfast and at The Cabaret Supperclub, she has turned her hand to the art of the tease. Combining her stunning sense of Hollywood glamour and her magnificent danceability, she has created a style of burlesque that is as unique as it is thrilling to behold. Lola loves having The Cabaret Supperclub as a playground for her ongoing exploration of the form. She is beyond grateful for the opportunity to perform in such a beautiful venue to such generous audiences.