Welcome to Cabaret Supper Club, Belfast’s premier destination for film, music video, and advertisement production. Located in the heart of the city, our venue is a stage set for success, offering a versatile canvas that can bring any creative vision to life. With a setting that blends the glamour and decadence of 1920s Hollywood, our unique venue is the perfect location for your next media production project.

Cabaret Supper Club, The Perfect Backdrop for Your Media Production

Our venue has proudly been the backdrop for numerous acclaimed media productions, standing out with its unique charm and immersive atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to film a music video, create an advertisement, or capture a dramatic scene for a film, Cabaret Supper Club offers a wide variety of settings, from our state-of-the-art main stage to our intimate, sophisticated dining area.

A Versatile Venue for Film and Media Production in Belfast

One of the greatest strengths of Cabaret Supper Club is its adaptability. Our space can seamlessly transition to meet the diverse demands of your film or media production. Our team is ready to work with you, providing a unique blend of vintage charm and modern facilities that can transform to fit your production needs.

Your Production Partner in Belfast

At Cabaret Supper Club, we’re more than just a venue; we’re your committed production partner. Our dedicated team provides a range of support services, including technical assistance, location management, and logistical support, ensuring your production process in Belfast is as smooth as possible.

Catering Services for Film and Media Productions

If your production requires catering services, our multi-award-winning AMPM Bohemian Restaurant will serve your crew with its delectable, seasonal cuisine, energising everyone during your shoot.

Contact Cabaret Supper Club

Discover the endless possibilities for your film and media production at Cabaret Supper Club in Belfast. For more information about our venue hire or to schedule a site visit, please contact our team via our contact page. We look forward to collaborating with you and bringing your creative vision to life at Cabaret Supper Club.