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Christmas 2023 at Cabaret Supper Club
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🎥🎵🍽️ Say ‘I Do, I Do, I Do’ to Cabaret Supper Club’s Mamma Mia Interactive Movie Nights!

Prepare for a Greek island getaway like no other! The Cabaret Supper Club is thrilled to bring you the sun, sea, and songs of the 2008 hit movie Mamma Mia. Featuring the phenomenal talents of Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, and Amanda Seyfried, this sing-along sensation is set to be a night to remember!

Settle in with a delectable main-course meal included with the price of admission, freshly prepared at our award-winning AMPM restaurant, and let the enchanting storyline and irresistible ABBA hits whisk you away. From “Dancing Queen” to “Super Trouper,” we’ll have the lyrics up, inviting you to sing your heart out alongside the movie’s stars!

🎵 “Honey, Honey” isn’t just a regular movie night – it’s an interactive, musical extravaganza! We’re bringing the vibrant spirit of Mamma Mia to life right here at the Cabaret Supper Club. So, warm up those vocal cords and get ready to belt out some of ABBA’s greatest hits.

Escape to our little slice of the Mediterranean for a night of laughter, tears, and unforgettable tunes. With our Mamma Mia movie night, you’ll experience the joy of music, family warmth, and gourmet food’s deliciousness.

🎟️ Don’t be left saying, “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” a ticket! Secure your place now and prepare for a journey filled with love, laughter, and lots of singing. #MammaMiaNight #CabaretSupperClub #AMPMRestaurant