Is there a cloakroom at Cabaret Supper Club?

There is no formal cloakroom, and we therefore ask that you keep any bags you bring along with you to an absolute minimum (ideally fitting underneath your seat). In situations where you have no choice but to bring larger items, please notify a member of staff once you are inside and they will do their [...]

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Can I take photos at Cabaret Supper Club?

Photography and videography are encouraged. However, we remind guests to respect other audience members and our cast when taking photos or filming. If you take photos or videos, please tag us on social media at @cabaretbelfast or use the hashtag #cabaretbelfast.

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Do we need to eat during the show?

By nature, we are an authentic supper club; you must dine when booking an evening with Cabaret Supper Club; we strongly advise booking in advance. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or intolerances. All packages involve at least a main course meal with a show.

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What is the door policy?

The venue will admit a limited number of stag and hen parties per show. However, this is subject to management approval before booking. Potential parties wishing to attend must email us at the address below before booking. You will only be admitted with prior approval. Traditional hen/stag fancy dress is strictly prohibited (no sashes, L-plates [...]

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What happens after the show?

That’s when the post-show party starts. Depending on the evening, post-show entertainment may be live music or a DJ so you can dance the night away. Please note this only applies to our weekend evening variety shows.

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What time is Dinner & Show?

When booking your table, you can choose when you eat; tables are available from 6.30 pm. An introductory performer will be live from 8:00 pm. Our main show usually starts around 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm during the weekend and 8:45 Wednesday & Thursday.

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Do you eat during the show?

Dinner is served during the show in full view of the stage. If you have prepaid, then your meal will not be added to your final bill, however, if you have paid a deposit only, this will be deducted from your bill at the end of the evening.

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