C-ABBA-RET- Main-Course & Show £34.00

Step into a world of pop nostalgia and electrifying entertainment with the Britney Spears Tribute Night, hosted by the sensational Lucy Rose at Cabaret Supper Club. This thrilling evening is a tribute to the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, whose chart-topping hits and iconic performances have made her a global superstar. 
Lucy Rose captures the essence of Britney with dynamic energy and impeccable talent, bringing to life the pop anthems and dance hits that defined a generation. Audiences will be treated to unforgettable renditions of Britney's greatest hits, including "Baby One More Time," "Toxic," "Oops!... I Did It Again," and "Womanizer." 
The Britney Spears Tribute Night with Lucy Rose is a celebration of the music, dance, and spectacle that Britney Spears brought to the pop world. With stunning choreography, authentic costumes, and a voice that channels the pop icon herself, Lucy Rose promises an evening of sing-along hits, nostalgia, and high-energy entertainment.

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