We have taken the step to add some precautionary monitoring and good practice measures to ensure the safety of all of our patrons & staff so that when you come to enjoy Cabaret Supper club you know your wellbeing is our number one priority. These steps are being put in place so that you can come to the venue and enjoy yourselves. This policy will be in force from Thursday 12th March 2020 until further notice.

Stay vigilant

All customers upon entering the venue will be scanned by a non-contact medical thermometer to establish any raised temperatures – If any customer has an abnormally high temperature they will not be permitted to enter the venue & were applicable will be offered a full refund.

Stay clean

All customer contact points such as doors, seats, handles, surfaces etc are disinfected before and after each service/show. Sanitary wipes and hand gels are also available at entrance & exit points. These are also available in restrooms.

Stay hydrated

Mineral water will be offered free of charge to all patrons as this enables airways to remain moist (if consumed every 15 minutes) which has been indicated by medical professionals as an encouraging way to move any virus from the throat/mouth area to the gut wherein it cannot survive.

Stay Safe

In order to increase the distance between tables, not all seats will be available in the restaurant. We will be vigorously following hygiene protocols over and above the recommendations