The Death Do Us Part Danger Show comes to Cabaret Supper Club on

Rachel Atlas, our host for the evening is resplendent as usual in a Día de los Muertos style headdress atop a rather modern white/grey wig. Speaking almost entirely in rhyming couplets we are introduced to Charlie Atlas, Jacqueline Fury, and Madeleine Glasseater who go on to entertain, amaze and terrify us throughout the night.

he graceful Jacqueline Fury begins with an impressive act which seamlessly marries magic and burlesque (the two are so well suited it’s amazing no one has thought of it before), before going on to eat fire and do an extremely impressive burlesque dance whilst balancing a sword on her head.

The sideshow showgirl Madeleine Glasseater spins hoops, conducts electricity and even has a go at channelling an unqualified scientist, whilst our host Rachel Atlas and her husband Charlie Atlas (Scotland’s answer to Hugh Jackman) participate in what is still the most terrifying knife throwing act we’ve ever seen. Throw in Rachel’s aptitude for swallowing swords, and Charlie’s rendition of Magic Mike’s Pony and we’re sold. The Death Do Us Part Danger Show is without a doubt the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Original review by Laura Caldwell at Pastie Bap.

A thrilling evening of death defying stunts, hypnotic body movement, and one man and his balls. The Death Do Us Part Danger Show is selling out across New Zealand. Daring couple Charlie & Rachel Atlas have come all the way from the U.K. bringing Bald With Balls (Sweden), and Australia’s own human heatwave Jacqueline Furey.

An unforgettable display of body movement Jacqueline Furey brings the Aussie heat to the stage. With a clear history in dance she maintains incomparable grace and poise for a show you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Not to miss out on a dance with danger, Furey, falls victim to the Atlas couple more than once. Though her way with fire will entice you as she lives up to ‘The Human Heatwave’ title.

Original review by Vince Clark at Altearoa.