Northern Ireland’s best-known burlesque star Soup DuJour is bringing the country’s top performers to Belfast later this month.

Soup DuJour brings her Sultry Sunday Soirée to Cabaret Supper Club this February and March.

Soup, AKA Belfast woman Laura Firby, has scoured the country North and South for the sexiest, sassiest and most creative performers in the world of burlesque for a one-off show in the city’s Cabaret Supper Club.

Appearing at The Sexy Sunday Soiree will be Dublin burlesque dancers Bella A Go Go and Scarlet Van Tassel.  They will be joined by local Belfast performers Miss Rose Ann, Dina Bon Coup, Tyler Eros and of course show host Soup DuJour.

Soup, 29, who is also the creator and founder of the Belfast Burlesque Festival is confident the show has “something for everyone”.

“When most people think of burlesque they think of feathers, fans and tassles but it’s much much more.  Today’s burlesque artists are more creative than ever before with most incorporating theatrical sketches and even comedy in their routines.“What’s really special about our Sunday Soiree show at the Cabaret Supper Club is that we’ve performers of all genres within burlesque who all bring a really unique style to the stage.  These really are some of the country’s best and most loved performers.”

The show will be hosted by Soup who is a regular on the city centre venue stage, she spent a decade on the burlesque scene and performed all over Europe before returning to Northern Ireland to teach and perform at home.

Soup’s own style of burlesque is very different from the style most people would be familiar with.

In fact, she sets out to challenge the audience’s idea of burlesque.

“I love performing and being creative,” she said.

In my own work, I lean more towards the comedy and neo styles of burlesque, making routines that are weird and wonderful but use all the classic bump and grind moves.I’ve always been on the border between cabaret, performance art, and queer arts so they all meld and lead into each other.

I like using the art of the tease to be humourous as well as sexy.

My work is about bending the perception of what is sexy. Being body positive, an active feminist and a queer performer I feel my work has an added depth and meaning that of course is still entertaining and fun.

I love making women feel good about themselves and I love performing things people have never seen before, or expect to see at a burlesque show.”

Joining Soup at The Sexy Sunday Soiree on February 25 is Dublin yoga teacher Bella A Go Go who is best known as one of the producers of shows at The Sugar Club in Dublin.  After over a decade in performing burlesque Bella says her shows represent her own “zest for life”.

Joining Soup at her Sunday Soirée is Dublin based Bella Go Go

She added: “Burlesque for me is about freedom, expression, and liberation from restrictions and the norm.

“I love what I do, and I’m very lucky to work in a way most people feel is impossible.”

Dublin burlesque sensation Scarlet Van Tassel joins us on Sunday 25th February for her first appearance at Cabaret Supper Club.

Fellow Dublin dancer Scarlet Van Tassel will be making her Cabaret Supper Club debut.

“Known on the scene as Ireland’s Classical Queen Scarlet is the embodiment of old-school burlesque,” said Soup.

“It’s about the face, the gestures, body language and of course the sassy stage confidence. She creates wonderful routines that are fun and cheeky, you can’t help but smile when you watch her.

“We’ll be treated to a very special routine of hers involving her gorgeous waterfall feather fans.”

Belfast performer Miss Rose Ann, who is also a professional actress, is planning on bringing the art of storytelling to her performance on February 25.  Since beginning her burlesque journey eight years ago Miss Rose has gone from strength to strength on the local scene.

“Burlesque for me is another way to perform, the art of striptease but most importantly the art of storytelling. It’s unique, it’s individual, it’s expressive and it’s utterly captivating to watch. Each performer goes on a personal journey from the costumes they piece together to the sounds they choose, and they take you along on the journey with them.”

Belfast performer Dina Bon Coup will be featuring a new performance at the venue.

Also from Belfast is Dina Bon Coup who has revealed she will be debuting her brand new act at the show.

“I’m excited to unveil my new act at the Cabaret Supper Club.  For me, burlesque is about taking back ownership of my body and encouraging others to do the same. It is a caricature of how I choose to see myself. In amongst the rhinestones, feathers, and glamour, there is depth and rebellion that lies beneath that screams yes we can.”

Male burlesque performer Tyler Eros makes his debut at Cabaret Supper Club debut at Soup DuJour’s Sultry Sunday Soirée.

It’s not just female performers taking to the stage.  Belfast newcomer Tyler Eros will be representing the male burlesque industry explained Soup. “Tyler will be showing a little of the darker side of burlesque which I’m sure will be nothing but delectable and perfect for this sexy Sunday Soirée.”

 “For me as a young man and aspiring artist, the very definition of burlesque holds little to no boundaries.  Burlesque has provided me a safe and immensely fun platform to explore these many ideas and facets, conveying them in a theatrical and entertaining manner.”

Tickets for The Sexy Sunday Soiree at the Cabaret Supper Club, Belfast start from £19.50  including a main course meal and show.